Tasmanian Stick Dresser
Walking Sticks, Crooks, Staffs

Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott buys a Paul A.C. Richards bespoke twisty stick with a Prince of Wales buffalo horn knob. 

On a fly in visit to Tasmania the Prime Minister of Australia visited Turner's Blackwood Furniture factory in Launceston. In July of 2014 I was asked to display my walking sticks, crooks, cleeks and other craft items such as bespoke cheese knives and fishing priests at the international blackwood factory which produces fine furniture for export. Over the months I have sold several sticks and art and craft. However, the sale in September  of a bespoke twisty stick with a Prince of Wales buffalo horn knob to the Prime Minister ( a present for his father) was a coup. 

Japonisme and the Rise of the Modern Art Movement Official Opening Friday 6pm 5 September Jackson's Motor Company, Heritage Building opposite Seaport, Launceston 

This exhibition showcases the Japanese  art of bonsai,  printmaking, pen, feather & ink drawing,  ceramics, digital art and watercolours. Some of the most wondrous and innovative works of art are the product of interactions between different crafts and artistic disciplines. This can take shape in the exchange of form and style, but can also involve the adaptation of new skills regarding materials and techniques.



Seven appears to be a universally lucky or holy number. There are many terms that include the number seven: seven wonders of the world, seven deadly sins, seven virtues, the seven seas, seven days of the week, seven colors of the spectrum, and seven gods of fortune in Japanese folklore.


Bonsai  misting at least twice a day  is required as a protective maintenance of the bonsai’s presented. The exhibition has been themed on Seven Days  and will only be mounted for this time. The Heritage building space at Jackson’s Motor Company opposite the Seaport is an ideal space to present this exhibition.


Participating Artists


Paul A.C. Richards – Gyotaku, Print making and Pen, feather & Sumi ink

Lynne Tilt - Bonsai

Virginia Perkins – Ceramics

Nigel Lazenby  - Digital Art & Watercolour



Friday 5    12 September


Open Mon-Fri  10-3pm and Sat/Sun 10-4pm



6pm Friday 5 September 2014 by Mayor of Launceston Ald Albert van Zetten

Shepherds Crooks, Hiking Sticks, Fishing        Priests and Anter products at  Turners Blackwood Furniture


Turners Blackwood Furniture suppliers are no doubt  the finest Australian Solid Timber furniture makers  in Tasmania. They now feature Tasmanian Artisans craft and many other products

If you have been searching for a special piece of custom made furniture for any room in your home, you are sure to find it  at Turners Blackwood Furniture. They design and manufacture finely crafted contemporary and traditional furniture for kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms, dining rooms, living rooms and more.

They are now also featuring Tasmanian Artisan art and craft and a major range of Tasmanian made sauces, jams and other products.

From July 2014 artisan Paul A.C. Richards will feature his shepherds crooks and walking sticks all hand crafted from Tasmanian specialty timbers at Turners Blackwood Furniture - Myrtle burl, Huon pine, Dogwood, Myrtle and Eucalypt burl. As well as these he will also have on display and for sale bespoke "Fishing Priests, Cheese & Pate  knives and key rings fashioned in fallow deer antler and myrle burl

Turner's believe the creation of beautiful bespoke timber furniture is an art. In an age where multinational retailers are happy to sell mass produced, factory-made furniture with little-to-no customer service, thry  take great care to offer each of their customers a personalised experience. All of our bespoke furniture is delicately constructed by passionate cabinetmakers on site using only the finest Australian solid timbers, including Blackwood, Tasmanian oak, Myrtle, Celery Top Pine and Huon Pine (subject to availability).


The furniture store in Launceston is situated at 19 Johns Street Western Junction and their opening hours are Monday to Thursday 8 - 5.30 / Friday 8 - 5 and Saturday 8 – 1.

Tel: 63 918 247

Peppers York Cove George Town         POP-UP EXHIBITION

1 May 2014
Peppers York Cove Resturant is located in the historic seaside hamlet of George Town on
the Tamar River in northern Tasmania. Just a 30-minute scenic drive from Launceston.

Four  pen ink and feather art works accompany two linocut prints are on display in the Resturant from 1 May 2014. This is recent work which is all available for sale at the venue.

Art Exhibition Tasmanian WoolCentre Ross, Tasmania:Opening Sunday 30 March at 2pm 2014


One Man & his Dog


This collaborative exhibition showcases the portraiture of Catherine Shearing and the printmaking and craft of Paul A.C. Richards, contemporary abstract art of Maria Houson and traditional works on the theme by Darren Meader. Some of the most wondrous and innovative works of art are the product of interactions between different crafts and artistic disciplines. This can take shape in the exchange of form and style, but can also involve the adaptation of new skills regarding materials and techniques


The art of sheepdog trialling is internationally recognised and requires the skills of a well disciplined dog and his master. The exhibition exemplifies the ancient art of shepherding, shepherds  their dogs in portraiture, the art of stick dressing and supportive contemporary and traditional works on paper and canvas. 




 ·        The concept and theme of this exhibition is based on the ancient art of stickdressing, the wool industry and the bygone era of shepherding in Colonial Tasmania


·        It is an eclectic collection of works covering the craft of stick dressing [ Crooks and Cleeks ] with rams horn and wooden handles in Jacobs sheep, Welsh Mountain and Scottish Blackface rams horn and Tasmanian woods myrtle burl, blackwood and Eucalypt burl

·        It covers the diversity of ideas  and inspiration taken from the humble shepherds crook, its symbolism, ancient herding to modern day sheep dog trialling, woolsheds and shearing  in the Tasmanian midland

Paul A.C. Richards

30 March 2014






POP UP GALLERY - Northern Artists Collective -

Scotch Thistle Gallery

36 Church Street Ross

January - May 2014 

Pop-Up in Ross
 Northern Artists Collective

We are delighted to invite you to the next Pop-Up   exhibition at the Scotch Thistle Gallery  - this  exhibition of oils, acrylics, pencil, pen, feather and ink , printmaking, Stick dressing  & horn & antler craft celebrates  the occupation of the thistle gallery for the summer of 2014 by the collective Cathie, Maria Paul & Darren.  The exhibitions will be open for viewing from 10am to 4pm on Friday & Saturday  February 8th and 9th  and will continue on a regular basis with new work.

Opening times with new themes and art work will be posted on the gallery door.

Scotch Thistle Gallery
36 Church Street, Ross


  NEXT OPENING IS MARCH 1st, 2nd &3rd 2014


Kind regards
Northern Artists Collective
Cathie, Maria, Darren & Paul




This exhibition features the graduates of TasTAFE's School of Visual Arts, Launceston in both the Visual Arts Diploma and Advanced Diploma for 2013.

Officially opened by Don Wing former MLC and Mayor of Launceston 5.30 for 6pm Monday 9 Dec 2013

Firing Up The Press - Solo Exhibition Opened 13 October and will run until end of October in the ARTrium Gallery, Launceston General Hospital.

A solo exhibition of a body of work based on chance operations in the creation , development and execution of fire prints on the press.


Welcome to the home page of the Tasmanian Stick Dresser. I specialise in custom walking sticks, crooks, canes, thumb sticks, fishing priests and walking staffs using Tasmanian craft woods (Huon & Celery Top Pine, Sassafras, Blackwood, Leatherwood, Ti Tree, Myrtle, Eucalptus burl, Musk and Mountain Ash). I also prepare traditional shepherds working crooks and cleeks from rare Jacobs Sheep horn and Welsh Mountain and Scottish Blackface horn  for all handles and Hazel & Dogwood for the shafts.  

  Commissions are welcomed




Wursthaus Coffee Shop Gallery

7 June 2013 on

13 etchings, linocuts and pencil sketches 

Hallam's Waterfront Restaurant

7 July 2013- 31 Jan 2014 


7 etchings, linocut and gyotaku unique state prints

Fired with Passion-Geisha's, Gyotaku and Bonsai

Paul A.C. Richards, Virginia Perkins, Fred Fullerton, Kellie-Marie Lewis and Lynne Tilt

GM Jacksons

8-15 September

 Ceramics and Works on Paper

Power House Gallery, Inveresk

25 September - 9 October

Kellie-Marie Lewis, Virginia Perkins, Sabrina Gibson and Paul A.C. Richards



Wooden Boat Festival

Display- Walking Sticks, Riding Crops & Fishing Priests

Knotting Demonstartion

9 February 2013 (Hobart)


Water Ways Exhibition

Long Gallery Salamanca

The Art Society of Tasmania Award

8-11 February 2013

Fish N' Sticks - Scottsdale Gallery

7 April 2013

Traditional Carving (Brown Trout )Crook

The Gorge Launceston

10 May 2013

Polytechnic Exhibition- Academy of Arts, Inveresk


Bay of Fires Art Award

June 2013

Awaiting acceptance of entry


Gyotaku, Geisha's & Bonsai


Collaboration: Paul A.C. Richards, John Dodas, Virginia Perkins and Fred Fullerton 

20 July 2013

Venue - TBA

Tasmanian Art Award-Eskleigh

Sargasso Hover (Sold)

Hobart Art Prize

Firing up the Press

Glamorgan Art Prize

Entry:Fire Tail Finch

North Eastern Art Prize

Entry: Fire in the Night Sky- The Old Bridport Jetty

Hutchins Art Prize

 Entry:Firing up the Press: Chance Operation


One Man and his Dog

Collaboration: Paul A.C. Richards, and Catherine Shearing, Maria Husen and Darren Meader

30 March 2014

 To be announced


'John Cage Inspiration - Fire Prints'

'Feather and Ink'

Recent Exhibitions


Blue Cafe - Inveresk, Launceston

21Nov - 12 Dec 2012

Fly Fishing & Shepherding in the Central

 Highlands, Tasmania 

Blue Cafe " 21 Nov - 12Dec 2012

Inveresk, Launceston

A collaboration Paul Richards & Darren Meader 















19-30 October 2012

Academey Art Gallery

Inveresk Precinct, Launceston





Ancient Cultures: Poles Apart


Paul A.C. Richards

Virginia Perkins














Scottsdale Gallery

Scottsdale, Tasmania

"Fish N' Sticks"

Solo Exhibition

Opens Sunday 7 April 2013


175th Campbell Town Show 2013

Oldest Continious Show in the British Commonwealth

31May - 1June















                             PAST EXHIBITIONS


Mini Exhibition " Gyotaku"

Scottsdale Gallery-9August- 14 September 2012

A selection of walking sticks, horn pens & gyotaku

will be on display at the gallery for six weeks in August  prior to a full exhibition " Fish N' Sticks" scheduled for Sunday 7 April






















" Shelly Beach"

Academy Art Gallery


6 July - 11 August




























174th Campbell Town Show 2012

Oldest Continious Show in the British Commonwealth

Exhibition of 12 Crooks & Cleeks

in association with the worlds finest merino fleeces

1st & 2nd June 2012

See Gallery Album


Sticks Stones Soil & Bones

3 -26 November  2011

Artifakt Gallery, Deloraine, Tasmania

Artisans: Nigel Lazenby, Paul A.C. Richards & Ryllton Viney


Also hosting Tasmanian Stick Dresser Forum

established for discussion amongst International Stick Dressers

Fly Fishing & Shepherding Central

Highlands, Tasmania 

Blue Cafe- Inveresk, Launceston

Darren Meader & Paul A.C. Richards

15 November 2012



 Fish N' Sticks

Scottsdale Gallery -OPENS  7 April 2013 



Crooks Cleeks & Sheep Dogs

                    Tasmanian Stick Dresser 





        Handcrafted Walking Sticks & Crooks

 Paul A.C. Richards

Email: pacrichards1@bigpond.com

Phone: (03) 63 444241

Skype: myola397


" One Man and his Dog"